Productivity Appraisal

Productivity Appraisal may lower the property taxes on your farm, ranch or timberland!

Texas law allows farmers, ranchers, wildlife managers and timber growers to pay property taxes based upon the productivity value of their land rather than on market value. This means qualified land is taxed based on its ability to produce crops, livestock or timber—not on its value on the real estate market. And it can mean substantial property tax savings.

               When is the application deadline?

If your land has never had a productivity appraisal or you are a new owner, you must apply to your local appraisal district before May 1 to take advantage of this benefit on your property taxes. You may get up to 60 extra days if you have a good reason and ask for it before May 1. If you miss this deadline, you may still be able to apply, but you will pay a penalty. Check with your appraisal district office.

               Do you need to apply annually?

If your land already receives agricultural or timber productivity appraisal, you normally don’t need to reapply unless the chief appraiser requires you to do so. If a new application is required, the appraisal district will notify you by mail.

For more information, call or come by:

Morris County Appraisal District

(903) 645-5601